Selecting Steel Anchors for Monolithic Refractory Linings

Abstract The reliability of stainless steel refractory anchors in refractory lined process vessels is becoming more critical as companies chase greater efficiencies and safety. Therefore understanding the failure mechanism of stainless steel refractory anchors is the key to improved production efficiencies and better safety. The most common refractory anchor failure is at the interface between […]


Heat Transfer in Rotary Kilns

Abstract Rotary kilns are one of the most widely used pieces of processing equipment. They are used for drying or calcining a variety of products including sand, aggregates, limestone and food products. With an ever increasing focus on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the continued or increased use of rotating kilns can only be achieved by […]


Petrographic examination of refractory damage to a burner pipe

Abstract Refractories are integral parts of any pyroprocessing plant. Consequently, any failure will cause many hours of lost production. To make matters worse the duration of the production loss is exacerbated by long, cool down periods, before repairs can be carried out, and by slow heat-up rates which are necessary to protect the new refractory […]

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