Refractory Dryout Schedules

Current refractory dryout procedures are NOT scientifically based – and in most cases are excessively long and very expensive.

Our P-Drying® software creates refractory dryout schedules that are:

  1. Tailor made for your vessel or pre-cast shape
  2. Uses process gas. No expensive equipment needed.
  3. The correct procedure during weld stress relief
  4. Reduces risk of refractory failure

We have helped our customers reduce their dryout times by 50%. This can translate into days saved in lost production.

Customers Include:
  • BP
  • Cement Australia
  • Dyno Nobel
  • Incitec Pivot
  • Methanex
  • Ballance

How it works

Our software allows us to simulate the scientific mechanisms during refractory dryout

1. Vapour pressure development during drying
Vapour pressure development during drying
2. Water flow (flux)
Water flow (flux)
3. Heating curve
Heating curve