Shutdown Services

Our advice can save millions in unnecessary refractory repairs

We can provide expert engineering advice on all matters related to refractory during shutdowns. We provide the following services:

  1. Independent engineering advice: What needs to be repaired, removed or replaced. We aim to save our clients as much refractory as possible without compromising integrity – all based on solid engineering principles.
  2. On-site engineering solutions to unexpected refractory problems
  3. Refractory quality assurance – Click here for our 5 step method
  4. Add value by: Improving installation rates/Reducing shutdown time and designing out failures
  5. Ensure last minute refractory design changes are: Engineered & Documented
  6. Improve quality and following rigorous quality control procedures
  7. Determine root cause failures
  8. Improve refractory reliability through science and innovation
Shutdown Services